Who We Are

Welcome and thanks for checking us out. We are a friendly church located at 144 Gore St. E, in Perth, Ontario. Our desire is to connect with God and each other. Everyone is invited to our worship services. Whether online or in-person you will receive a warm welcome. The music ranges from ancient hymns to fresh new songs. The message is grounded in the timeless wisdom of scripture with a timely relevance to our everyday lives.

We are part of the Free Methodist Church in Canada, a movement of Christian congregations all across our country that are committed to sharing the good news of faith in Jesus Christ and encouraging believers into a life of ongoing transformation that impacts our families, our communities and our nation.

Free Methodist Church roots are deeply embedded in the spiritual awakening of 18th century England which gave rise to the Methodist movement. Today, the Free Methodist Church ministers in 70 countries around the world. In Canada, over 150 churches are located as far west as Vancouver and as far east as Sherbrooke, Quebec City, Quebec.