In Person Church Services

The rules for gathering continue to change. As of now, we are allowed to meet at 50% capacity. We will continue to have in-person services on Sunday. We would encourage you to pray about and use wisdom as to whether or not you should attend church in person over the next few weeks. With the Covid numbers rising dramatically, everyone’s risk assessment will be different. While Asbury is safe with the Covid protocols we have in place, if there are some people with compromised health, we would encourage you to discern deeply with the decision of, is now the best time to attend? If you do decide you are not joining us in person, we encourage you to join us online as the services will be streamed online as well.

Bring your masks and get ready to sing, worship, and rejoice together. If you would like to join us in person, remember to register online. If you would like to do so, please book your free tickets here.

Please visit Asbury Live to reserve your free seats and to fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire in advance.