In Person Church Services

We are going to be starting our in-person services on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 at 10:00 am.We are allowed to have as many people as we can socially distance, which is about the same as we could hold when we were at 33 percent. So, you will still have to book on-line to come to church. We still have to wear masks, but the good news is that we can sing together. Of course, the services will be streamed online as well.

                Some of you are thinking that you won’t attend until we don’t have any capacity restrictions because you don’t want to take a seat from anyone else. It is August. Our crowds are normally sparse in August. If you want to come to church, please come to church.

Please visit Asbury Live to reserve your free seats and to fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire in advance.