Hanny Branscombe

Brent Russett

Lead Pastor

Rev. Dr. Brent Russett (who prefers to be called Brent or Pastor
Brent) grew up in a dairy farm just outside of Arnprior and educated in
Edmonton and Rochester. He has pastored for 32 years. Brent is passionate
about helping people to experience God in their every day lives.
Kevin Normile

Kevin Normile

Lay Minister - Men's Ministry

Kevin is all about motivating our guys to roll up their sleeves and get involved in projects that help them to have the biggest impact they can on the world by being the best they can be.

Sheri Walters

Sheri Walters

Lay Minister - Children's Ministry

Sheri has been involved in Children's Ministries at Asbury for the past 14 years, and became our Lay Children's Minister in 2016. She lives for the crafts, songs and stories that help kids learn more about how God loves them and why they should love him back.