As part of the Free Methodist Church in Canada, we share a proud heritage which includes:

Standing up for the freedom of slaves.  While, we don't often think that this is something we have to worry about in Canada these days, there are still people here and around the world who suffer exploitation and abuse at the hands of others, and we feel its part of our mission to guard the dignity of all people, believing they are made in the image of God, and have intrinsic value.

Free Participation of all. In the day the Free Methodist Church was birthed, it was in vogue to sell church pews (like modern day box seats at a sporting event). As a movement we believed all people should have equal status in the church. We still invite anyone who wants to participate in the life of the church, (including communion) to join us.

Freedom in our expressions of worshiping God. We are rooted in a historic christian faith, but also believe God is actively involved in our contemporary world too. So we feel no need to choose between ancient hymns and modern worship. If you join us for worship you can expect to experience something that crosses generational lines, and includes the fresh and passionate, as well as the rooted and traditional.

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